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21st Century Digital Services


Re-invention in progress.....

I used to be a Virtual Assistant, I still am..

But the title didn't fit the picture much anymore

After much studying




Online marketing

I'm making my new title..

Web designer,



Virtual Assistant


Imagine someone who can build your website, make it as fast as possible, put SEO in every nook and cranny and take care of al the stuff you want to do with your website after it’s finished, like writing blogs, translating it into dutch or english and taking care of your email marketing, and who on the side knows so much about being an entrepreneur that you’ll almost consider him your business coach. I think I’d

hire him...

but I’m sure I’m pretty biased when it comes to it..

So come back soon to check out the new website, and make up your own mind

Have a look at the latest website I made!

Colin Kassies smiling into the camera

21st Century Digital Services

Making it all come together